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Something between and angle and an amoeba, that's where you'll find me. In the mean time, here are some distracting things. Some of which I made myself.

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Jul 28 '11
Jun 29 '11


pulled this out of my hat like it’s some kinda trick

whip out your wood wand, cuz bitch, I know magic.

never smelled better shit, peppermint.

what I smoke has a purple tint, amethyst

hits your face like a fist, jack bower couldn’t block this

but you’re so pessimistic, like a spoiled bitch who isn’t rich

although her life average, so can you can it?

all I know is that I can’t fit, 

more in my blunt, like sardines, I stuffed it.

can you admit it, you’re starting to sweat?

here, I’ll let you borrow my deodorant.

my momma taught me right and I have manners,

think cuz you got fists you brought a man here?

don’t touch me, i ain’t your iphone.

getting in my face like you want to fight though

can’t have the mike bro, it’s hot like nitro

from the fire that I blow, smiles flash at me like photos

you can’t stand my friction, might as well go to death row

make sure you take the back row, spits flying from my flow

I set up the slip in slide,

when it’s you’re turn you’re about to take a ride

to the very bottom level, sunk down like a pebble

the rebel started to tremble and now worships at my temple

- ♏

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Jun 23 '11
smoking prince charming 

smoking prince charming 

May 24 '11
May 12 '11

Freshly Baked

about to smoke bowl number two grade blew right through you cuz you’re still in grade number two but I give you new rules because my burning bush rules nonbelievers all fools drowning in their own drool below the belt they all tools one hoe for the whole crew wearing j.crew makin’ fun of hippie jews obsessed with nike shoes their hits don’t leave a bruise
me? Im onna cruise vaporizing baby blues funnies the wrappers that we choose because we laugh when they are used and y’all don’t gotta clue because this rap already through 

- ♏

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May 9 '11


what goes through your brain?
I’m worried I might be insane
doc, I need diagnosin’
some very heavy dosin’
I’ve tried good nutrition
no, you gotta listen!
here are my symptoms:
constant goddamn itchin’
my left peeper keeps twitchin’
I deducted dopamine is missin’
if helping me is your mission,
write me this prescription.

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