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Something between and angle and an amoeba, that's where you'll find me. In the mean time, here are some distracting things. Some of which I made myself.

Posts tagged girl rap

Jul 27 '11

Empty Bank

I can’t wait anymore
so I’ll just sit here a bit more
lonely isn’t such a bore,

when we’re together,

I want you no more
men drift in and out

like tides on the shore
a beautiful place,

but such wasted space
without a breath to blow,

 and freedom to make mistakes

dry heat, empty banks
 see the pretty soldiers,

flying tanks
fueling each complaint
about gasoline’s rising rates
destruction gives us space
organize and separate each race
to be different is to have taint
flocking together on a fire lake
one eye open in case of snakes
vulnerable mental states
distracted, now I’m late

- ♏

Jul 27 '11

Spit Up

never say never? man that ain’t clever. 

tug the loose end of this sweater

can’t fabricate anything that translates

s on your chest and a superman cape

costumes don’t make a hero, 

if all the bad guys escape

bob ross landscapes, 

happy trees? I’ll participate 

while you check me out, 

I check mate 

can’t fuck it up,

 when true art is mistakes

cuz nothing’s at stake

order me up, I’m juicy as a steak

slab of meat on your plate

- chew me, I’m chewy 

not star wars or a loogie

too damn hot for the newbie

n00b that never touched a boobie

we are obsessed with our shoes,

cuz they’re full of big news

and our stride will amuse 

like the simpsons on the telly tube

time to roll this stone,

take me off the air, I’m done. 

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Jul 5 '11

A Long Time Ago

nothing is worth the effort and the effort ain’t worth nothing, back and forth like war we’re pushing and tugging. each hand on the rope, noose, ill cut your throat. but I’d rather just choke, listen to the air stuck in your throat. protected like a moat, just trying to stay afloat. alligators and crocodiles guard what you wont. no territory, no pride, won’t listen to what’s inside. acid tears are cried, burning through the lies. I can’t take this no more, don’t give a fuck what’s in store. it can only go up from here, or maybe not, that’s my fear. supposed to be telling a story, but all I can do is feel. the pain surging through me is all too real. immobile like steel, my mobility you steal. skin comes off like a peel. wish it would just end, lord, an angel you must send. can’t believe we’re here again, despite all the listening. all the hope that was glistening. scattered moments, shattered glass, strewn through the past. walking a fine line between your time and mine. I’ll keep repeating myself, over and over again. so angry I could piss on him. pissed off you could say. like every other day, you swore it’d be okay, but it won’t go away. promised it would go well, we wouldn’t revisit hell; return the life long pass, relaxing in the grass, watching clouds pass, our happiness amass. whispering softly, slowly, lowly. words are feathers, together, forever. can’t keep it, can’t speak it, won’t repeat it. slipping away, day to day, can’t help but pray. begging you to stay. curled in your lap. fingers clasping hair, tearing underwear. what’s under there; pandora’s box. memory bleached like clorox. can’t remember to forget all the pain and regret. pride my lost bet, after all the feelings spent. so expensive, won’t relent, like a million dollar rent. cannot be innocent, until I can repent. too scared to make a peep, crawling to a place where snow won’t heap. why won’t he, why can’t he? the queen and the worker bee, not how it’s meant to be. please call me baby. tell me to stay. make it go away. check my closet at night when you turn off the light. tell me one more time it’ll be alright. kiss me goodnight and tuck me in. remind me to pray, forgive my sins. join me in my bed, lay down your sweet head. the last super, I’m your broken bread. a heavenly body, words are once again beyond me. the shore’s of sleep await, now that light has opened darkness’ gate

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Jun 29 '11


pulled this out of my hat like it’s some kinda trick

whip out your wood wand, cuz bitch, I know magic.

never smelled better shit, peppermint.

what I smoke has a purple tint, amethyst

hits your face like a fist, jack bower couldn’t block this

but you’re so pessimistic, like a spoiled bitch who isn’t rich

although her life average, so can you can it?

all I know is that I can’t fit, 

more in my blunt, like sardines, I stuffed it.

can you admit it, you’re starting to sweat?

here, I’ll let you borrow my deodorant.

my momma taught me right and I have manners,

think cuz you got fists you brought a man here?

don’t touch me, i ain’t your iphone.

getting in my face like you want to fight though

can’t have the mike bro, it’s hot like nitro

from the fire that I blow, smiles flash at me like photos

you can’t stand my friction, might as well go to death row

make sure you take the back row, spits flying from my flow

I set up the slip in slide,

when it’s you’re turn you’re about to take a ride

to the very bottom level, sunk down like a pebble

the rebel started to tremble and now worships at my temple

- ♏

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Jun 26 '11


yes I am a little white girl, but I got more nuts than a squirrel. your face green with jealously like you’re about to hurl. I’m a diamond and a pearl, you’re straight with a curl. I’m sorry, did I insult you? if you had some mass you wouldn’t be see through. looking glass told me what I know to be true, dream come true. beauty was never blessed on you. but I got that, and I’m a beast too. turning black and blue, embarrassed, so you’re red too. here’s a tissue, I won’t need it because I won’t miss you. stop taking notes, if money ain’t the issue. I’ll be on the next issue, of high times medicinal. you can’t find your way home without a whistle. I’m the bomb, without the missile. 

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Jun 23 '11

Time Tracers

my breath keeps choking, but I won’t stop smoking. stabbing pens through paper, thinking too hard. twisting and untwisting, around around around. it’s Mary, what we’ve found. laying in the shade, green grassy ground. forget me not, remember me a lot. I’ll be everything that you’re not. yin in my yang, we swing in hammocks once again. pine scented cinnamon. we are the richest of men. purple horizons, a rock and roll end. resurrect me once again, I’m here to listen. the future glistens, to venture into the unknown is our mission. I’ll make this executive decision, to neglect any precision. wouldn’t notice what we’re missin, with our sight in a prism. splatter and splash, I want this feeling to last. grasping on to the strands of time as they pass.  

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May 12 '11

Inside-out Tomb

locks won’t let the outside in
pull the drapes shut, can’t see then
Muslim sewn by Iraqians
didn’t know I’d paid for them
my thoughts, I’m assured, are innocent
by the preachers of prescriptions
ordaining drugs to heal men
medicine from friend to friend
concerned for my well being
years of schooling, tests, and screenings
prove that you should believe me
no one can see what I see
without telescopes and memory
textbooks from this century
won’t tell me any more than a secretary
or diagnose what hasn’t occurred to me
slurring drunken energy
slippery words from frenemy’s
also known as every enterprise
we are a world living inside
everything but our own minds
does that make it more real?
tell me, how do you feel?
no more patience to catch what I reeled
now go enjoy this facial peel

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May 12 '11

Freshly Baked

about to smoke bowl number two grade blew right through you cuz you’re still in grade number two but I give you new rules because my burning bush rules nonbelievers all fools drowning in their own drool below the belt they all tools one hoe for the whole crew wearing j.crew makin’ fun of hippie jews obsessed with nike shoes their hits don’t leave a bruise
me? Im onna cruise vaporizing baby blues funnies the wrappers that we choose because we laugh when they are used and y’all don’t gotta clue because this rap already through 

- ♏

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May 10 '11


blink if I change lanes 

I lose track with such dark pains

I mean, my window stains 

and all this shitty rain

grey skies seem lame

when they always looks the same

routine rots my brain. 

- ♏

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May 8 '11

Ode to a Boy so Sweet

Be still my beating heart!
but nay, thy stealish claws shall grasp me not.
fingers tracing clouds,
we are a shape free entity
however old you would like to be

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